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Contract Cancellation Efforts Hamstrung by Legislation

The good news is NCDOT is working with us to solve the I77 toll issue. The bad news is that’s the only good news. Continue reading “Contract Cancellation Efforts Hamstrung by Legislation”

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Legislation Effectively Kills “Complete and Delete” Option

Verbiage tucked into last month’s budget bill makes it highly impractical to pursue the “complete and delete” option for cancelling the I77 toll contract. Continue reading “Legislation Effectively Kills “Complete and Delete” Option”

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I77 Advisory Group Holds First Meeting

UPDATE: Just spoke with the Director of the North Carolina Turnpike Authority (NCTA). Future meetings will be open to the public. Tentative dates for the next meetings are Feb 14 & 22; venue TBD.  In conformance with NC public meeting law, notice of dates/times/locations will be publicly posted (probably on the NCTA website). To be clear, going forward these will be public meetings, not public hearings, so I don’t anticipate a public comment period.

Continue reading “I77 Advisory Group Holds First Meeting”