Antiquity Woods: Another Gold Mine/Shaft Story?

In a reversal from the proposed Potts Street development, a proposal for the parcel known as Antiquity Woods is located completely in Cornelius but impacts Davidson and Antiquity the most. Continue reading “Antiquity Woods: Another Gold Mine/Shaft Story?”


Return of the Red Line

Imagine walking a couple blocks, catching a train and for five bucks you’re whisked downtown in less than half an hour. No I77 gridlock, no $10 tolls, no traffic headaches, no wear and tear on your car or your stomach lining. You catch up on emails or play a game of Angry Birds until, a few relaxing minutes later, you step off in uptown.

Such is the allure of commuter rail* in Lake Norman, and one of the reasons why it has been earnestly discussed for so long. Continue reading “Return of the Red Line”